Email Marketing

“Signing up is a powerful signal to BUY, send them email until they do.

-Jordie Van Rijn

Why should you choose Email Marketing?

Email marketing converts better than any other marketing method. It is a truth that many internet users open their emails at least once every day. That is why email marketing outperforms blogs, apps, videos, and other digital marketing platforms in terms of conversion rate.

Klever Marketeers recognises the importance of email marketing services. Hence, we make the most of email marketing for our clients.

To operate a successful campaign, you need to have an email marketing strategy in place. Our team of experts will design an ROI – based plan for your business needs.

We have a team of graphic designers who are talented at creating engaging emails and newsletters for our clients.


Email Marketing Best Practices

Campaign Automation

It's critical to reach out to users as soon as your brand is trending. Our experts use high-efficiency mailing platforms like mail chimp to automate email campaigns.

In-Depth A/B Testing

Increase consumer engagement with highly tailored email marketing campaigns. Our experts use high-efficiency mailing platforms like mail chimp to automate email campaigns.

Campaign Optimization

Our experts conduct a thorough examination of your Business. We can then set up a successful campaign or make changes to an existing one.

Google Analytics Integration

We combine Google analytics with email marketing campaigns in our email marketing strategy. It aids in the tracking of overall visits, objective completion, and e-commerce conversions.

Send Email At Right Time

Our email marketing experts will determine the optimal timing to send email campaigns to clients and leads. Sending emails at the right time is imperative if you want a high open-rate.

Reporting And Analysis

Our experts will assist you in identifying the actions your readers took, with the help of in-depth reporting. Open rate, click rate and a lot more can be seen once the campaign has started.

Email Marketing Strategy

At Klever Marketeers, we design email campaigns based on careful planning and strategies. Our experts follow the email marketing best practices that will drive definitive results.
To produce engaging template designs, our digital marketing team collaborates with graphic designers, copywriters, and editors. Our experts will then investigate marketing solutions such as content management, testing, delivery, analytics, and follow-ups. Ultimately, we devise a winning plan for reaching out and then follow up for conversions.

Performance Driven Campaign Process

Defining Your Goals

Every business has a specific goal in mind before they start their Marketing Campaigns. We will identify your goal that you want to achieve with email marketing.

Setting Up The Campaign

Our email marketing team will work closely with our content writing experts to design a high – converting email copy.


A detail is finally prepared and presented to you, based on data like bounce rate, click rate, open rate. Etc.

Sending And Measuring

We send the emails to your list upon successfully testing it. Our experts will then analyse the results using automated software.


Once we’ve set up your goals and designed your campaign, we’ll run tests against your subscriber list. We do this to see how we can optimize your campaigns.

Get started with our result guaranteed Email Marketing plan.